PowerWood C.I.C is the UK’s leading not-for-profit social venture committed to supporting and improving the emotional wellbeing of families and individuals living with sensitivity, intensity, ‘overexcitability’*, high-ability and asynchronous development. PowerWood provides – support, tools & strategies and opportunitues—that help you connect positively with yourself and your children, keep you confident, and generally make your life more enjoyable.

*Overexcitability is a characteristic of the nervous system involving higher than average sensitivity to stimuli (a lower threshold to stimuli) and a higher than average response to stimuli. Having this increased sensitivity, awareness and intensity makes a real difference to how life is experienced. Overexcitabilty is a positive personality trait that may bring above average energy, pleasure, enjoyment, creativity, interests and empathy and often comes with the deep urge to make the world a better place for everyone.

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PowerWood … being happily different from the norm… Children and teenagers with ‘overexcitabilities’, which is a positive personality trait that may bring many advantages, can be extremely overwhelmed by their strong urge to move and talk, their intense physical feelings, their vivid imagination, their thirst for knowledge, and their profound emotions, often seen as out of proportion. Children with overexcitabilities tend to be over-sensitive, and can easily become over-whelmed and over-excited. They may be nervous or shy or extremely expressive, or they may show strong emotional reactions.
About twenty percent of people have overexcitability to some extent. Only a small percentage have these sensitivities in such a way that it brings challenges to normal family life and social situations, might even disrupt it. If it isn’t recognised and supported overexcitability can have a negative effect on quality of life. Even at a young age, affected children can become extremely unhappy, display symptoms commonly associated with depression and even express suicidal thoughts. Their behaviour may be inappropriate or challenging and they are often misunderstood and sometimes misdiagnosed. Parents often feel isolated, inadequate and blame themselves, often get blamed by their social environment, for the challenging behaviour of their children. PowerWood provides – tools, strategies, support and opportunities to share with similar families—that help parents, carers and professionals connect positively with and confidently guide overexcitable children and teenagers. To help them develop independent skills to understand and manage their own intense feelings and needs. To help grow the autonomous ability to direct the energy associated with their overexcitabilities towards achieving their chosen goals overtime.

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