“Transition is a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world”.
The transition movement, begun in Totness just down the road, has become a global focus for local sustainability and, across the UK, provided key partners for the development of Local Agenda 21 activities through the 1990s and 2000s.
Brought together in 2009, Transition Plymouth builds on this global movement; promoting local options for a more sustainable lifestyle, knowledge and information exchange opportunities and local, community-based activities and meetings.

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In 10 years the Transition movement has grown from its beginnings in Totnes into a global one, with 1,400 communities in over 50 countries. Transition Plymouth was established in 2009 with the general aim of creating community resilience in the face of Climate Change, and awareness of our own contribution to it. Its various initiatives have included a Food group, an Education and discussion group, an Arts group, a Transport group, and Glad Rags, the Craft group. Wanting our activities to be available to everyone they are almost all free.
Transition Plymouth reached a peak in 2012 with a free shop and upper rooms in Armada Way (now the Public Library). This was provided for us by the Healthy Planet charity, and it gave us a central venue to show films, have meetings and celebration parties besides being an excellent venue for other community groups who shared our values.
Since then our activities and active members have reduced as other local organisations have taken on many of the things we used to do and taken them a lot further. These include Food Plymouth, Plymouth Food Waste Partnership, Stonehouse Time Bank and Plymouth Radical Cinema.
Even so, we now have a mailing list containing 350+ people that lets them know about our own activities besides giving information about other, mostly local, activities that fit in with our own objectives.
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  • Devonport Guildhall, Ker St, Plymouth PL1 4EL

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