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The KEEP, a wonderful learning and community space, is a great addition to our school. The whole building is built from sustainable sources. The frame of the building is wood and the Western red cedar wood on the outside of the KEEP might change into a wonderful silver within three years. Due to the huge amount of pollution, we decided to make it ECO; for example, the KEEP stands for Keyham Eco Education Place. It also has a sedum grass roof which puts oxygen back into the air, and takes out CO2, and solar panels so we save money and electricity.
Four years ago, the idea of the KEEP flew into Mr Wallace’s head. Now it’s become reality. After a few months of building and tense waiting, a spark of joy and happiness struck the school!
All the children took the decisions about its’ design, we decided its’ name, and we even ‘snagged’ it when it was finished.
As a whole school we celebrated by having an open day with a lot of special visitors and friends from College Road.

The KEEP is available to the school as well as the community. It is used in school hours for music, an extra classroom and our library. Community groups are already starting to book the space for learning, meetings, parties and library uses.

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