In a busy city businesses and residents are increasingly suffering from congestion, a lack of parking space and poor air quality exacerbated by exhaust emissions. Car sharing with Co-cars can be part of the solution. Providing an alternative to public transport, Co-Cars offers the convenience of a private car whilst reducing the impact of its continued use and encouraging a sustainable combination of travel choices. Co-cars, the hire by the hour, not for profit car club is now at Plymouth railway station!

Co-cars is a ‘not for profit’ organisation (registered as a Community Benefit Society operating under a Co-operative model) offering a service to the local community and promoting a sharing economy, rather than selling a product. Co-cars can be particularly beneficial to families who do not want, or can’t afford, to own and run a car, or a second car. Co-cars members will also help to reduce the number of cars on the roads in our congested city.

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Co-cars is a not-for-profit social enterprise and offers its members cars for hire by the hour, day or longer, with pick up and return to specially reserved parking bays. Members can book online, well ahead of time or with just a few minute’s notice, provided a car is available.
Your get car access when you want it and only pay when you use it. Our cars can be booked 24/7 online or by smart phone, are opened by smartcard technology and have many benefits for residents and corporate members. For example, you only pay when you use the car club vehicle and from as little as £3.75 per hour (plus 15p per mile), so swapping a hire car or pool car for a Co-car can save serious money on business travel. You pay a simple hourly charge and mileage rate. Co-Cars deals with all the administration, there are no hidden costs and fuel, tax, insurance, maintenance and 24 hour emergency cover and roadside recovery are included in the hire rates. Members can hire any of our cars, by the hour, across the South West, many of which are at railway stations. All new members receive a short, free, induction session on the use of the in-car computer system and how to start and stop the hybrid automatic vehicles.We look after the car and you just drive it.
For businesses, Co-cars membership
• Reduces overheads of business mileages (typically 25%)
• Low cost company car or ‘pool’ car
• Competitive full day hire car with no staff management costs
• Encourages effective car usage for duration and miles travelled
• Reduces the need for employees to commute if a car is needed for work, cutting parking & costs
• Low carbon – new hybrid or EV

Co-Cars have cars located in designated parking bays throughout Exeter, as well as in Salisbury, Dorchester and at railway stations in Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Truro and Falmouth. Members can hire any of the cars.
Co-cars offers many sustainable benefits. Joining a car club is associated with a reduction in annual car mileage. The average change in annual household car mileage after joining a car club is a decrease of 1,009 miles. Car clubs also lead to lower levels of car ownership. 16% of respondents to Co-Car’s survey had sold a car in the last 12 months and 32% would have bought a private car if they had not joined the car club. New members tended to already be frequent users of sustainable travel modes, particularly buses and car club members travel more often by bicycle, train and bus than the national average. Car club members also join to gain additional personal freedom

The benefits are social, environmental and economic. For example, businesses or third sector organisations gain all the convenience of operating a fleet of cars but without the fixed costs, depreciation and hassle. Residential members can also achieve cost savings and membership particularly appeals to those that occasionally require access to a car or need the back up of a second car.

One Co-car member Liz said “I tend to use a Co-car when travelling for business. It means I can commute to work by bicycle, which is by far the quickest way, with the advantage that I don’t have to hunt for a car parking space when I get here! The booking system is quick and straightforward. The Toyota Yaris is easy to operate and switches to electric use automatically. Perfect.”

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  • Devonport Guildhall, Ker St, Plymouth PL1 4EL

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Funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund

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