Air pollution is a global threat to health and wellbeing; a threat closely related to our ever-growing reliance on transport.


Co-cars is a ‘not for profit’ organisation (registered as a Community Benefit Society operating under a Co-operative model) offering a service to the local community and promoting a sharing economy, rather than selling a product.


Plymouth Churches’ Green Action Group, a branch of the Devon Churches’ Green Action Group, was formally launched at a meeting at the St Budeaux Church Community Hall on 1st April 2017.


Brought together in 2009, Transition Plymouth builds on this global movement; promoting local options for a more sustainable lifestyle, knowledge and information exchange opportunities and local, community-based activities and meetings.

THE BIG SHIFT – moving funding from fossil fuels to renewables.

Christian Aid’s ‘The Big Shift’ campaign is encouraging the big banks to move away from funding fossil fuels that contribute to climate change. It builds on finding positive solutions to one of the key socio-economic impacts of a sustainable future and, in particular, the future for those most at risk.


Across the globe Fairtrade exemplifies sustainability at the local level; with social, economic and environmental benefits underpinning social justice, access to health, educational and resources, equity and, most importantly, a voice for the producers and growers involved.


Local charity Devon & Cornwall Food Action was established in 2010 to intercept some of these supplies and to redistribute them, via a network of partner organisations, to vulnerable communities across the South West.

THE UNITARIAN CHURCH GARDEN – sustainability in action

This case study describes the garden of Plymouth Unitarian Church in Notte Street, PL 1 2HG and the work recently undertaken to develop it as a small inner city haven for wildlife, especially pollinating insects, and for the congregation and residents of the surrounding area.

THE KEEP - College Road Primary School

Four years ago, the idea of the KEEP flew into Mr Wallace’s head. Now it’s become reality. After a few months of building and tense waiting, a spark of joy and happiness struck the school!
All the children took the decisions about its’ design, we decided its’ name, and we even ‘snagged’ it when it was finished.


Derriford Community Park will cover 146 hectares in the north of the city south of Derriford Hospital. It contains a large area of currently inaccessible farmland, and two designated Local Nature Reserves, Forder Valley and Bircham Valley.

Pedal Bins

Ever wondered why some of our most popular tourist areas suffer from overflowing bins that attracts seagulls and worse? So did we! That’s why we came up with the idea of Pedal Bins.

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